****Here at Everest Ranch Creations, top quality supplies are used. Along with patience. I take great pride in the products I make. This has helped me win ribbons on some of my quilts.
Now I am handcrafting these exquisite 100% cotton fabric wallets. (I have used some pleather (faux leather) and wool in the design). In 2004 Fletcher Ross Designs presented the quilting world with this smart design. Today I am using my acclaimed talents to produce what I call the most versatile wallet ever made.
When you couple years of sewing experience, quality fabrics and fasteners with a great design, add affordability and a pinch of eye catching creativity, you’re adding up to a highly sought after Fletcher Ross wallet produced by Everest Ranch Creations.

Let’s start with that pinch of eye catching creativity. The beauty in that is, you can have all the say in the world by selecting the three main fabrics, or you can simply choose a color and let my eye for color and style do all the work. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Maybe you’d like to select a wallet that has already been made. It’s as easy as point and click.

Now as for the quality fabrics and fasteners. No expense to be spared. I hand select
all materials for each wallet. Only the best fabrics are considered for selection. “You cannot produce high quality items with sub-standard materials.” The fabrics and fasteners used in each wallet must meet my high standards.

The Design of the wallet makes your decision easy. Fletcher Ross Designs has given Everest Ranch Creations- Judith- myself, permission to produce this highly sought after, smart design. This wallet was designed for ease and flexibility. Everything is at your fingertips.
Checkbook, phone, credit cards, ID, and cash. A place for all your necessities, and strong enough to hold up through time and use.

I know this sounds expensive, but we’re not talking about mass produced NameBrand department store products. We’re talking about hand crafted quality products. No need to pay for the name on a label when you can select an affordable hand crafted quality wallet.

Many of us would expect to pay $150.00 for a high quality, versatile wallet such as this smart conversation piece. That’s one of the reasons I chose this design. It can be made affordable. In fact, a wallet of this quality under $100.00 is unheard of, until now. Yes even with shipping. Even with customizing the look and flare of your personalized taste.

Rest assured, you’ll be purchasing a great design, quality craftsmanship and a real work of art, but you’ll have some cash to put in it even after shipping.